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The Billionaire Mindset BUSINESS MASTERY

The mind is everything. What you think, you become. -Buddha



Making money is an art. Positive money is the foundation of all social virtues and there you build up the mansions of goodness that benefit the most to the society. A business is something that leaves a person with immense potentials of growth and development. However, it is not always easy to start, take forward and make the business a success.
Have you ever though why more than 70% businessmen fail? It’s because despite being a risky affair where you invest your physical, mental and material resources, you don’t learn it. To be a true professional, you need training. Business is not a matter of guts, it should be properly planned with the brain and kindled by the mind.
Cool down, it is no rocket science. When explored effectively, our mind can make anything possible and we can kindle the right elements of our mind to fortify it in the right place. Planning and executing a business is a painstaking process; however, the right approach to it and the right support from your mind can make it easy and more fruitful. In his unique Business Mastery programme, Dr. P. P. Vijayan has skilfully brought together the possibilities of mind power and time-tested business strategies, which are practically proven to the core.
In the sessions, Business Mastery explores each and every aspect of business execution- right from venturing out for a business, carrying it forward and reviving a business which is apprehensive of a loss. It includes goal-setting, tuning your mind solely towards that goal and learning from the psychology of big businessmen around the globe.
Here is a portion of what you will learn:

  • Create a wealth-building mindset, enforce the psychology of wealth creation
  • Know the psychology of successful businessmen, employ them for your personal success
  • The behaviour traits and 9 habits of truly wealth people
  • How rich people think different from anyone else
  • Law of attraction in wealth creation, how to achieve success and manifest your dreams
  • Select the right business that fits your talents
  • Eliminate risks
  • Find the right capital and funding sources
  • 101 strategies to reduce expenses and eliminate debt
  • Strategies to create positive wealth
  • Techniques to leverage massive wealth creation
  • 7 ways to earn passive income so you can make money while you sleep
  • Personal counselling to remove success blocks
  • How to recondition your mind for “automatic” success
  • How to use “spiritual laws” to create “real world” success of money and spirituality

“The greatest wealth mine in this world is our Mind.  Stop waiting. Start digging.”

“The greatest wealth mine in this world is our Mind.  Stop waiting. Start digging.”

Mind Mastery (Mind Mastery Excel + Advance Mind Mastery)

27 MAY

Mind mastery

Saturday | 09:00AM


The mind is everything. What you think, you become. -Buddha

Human mind is miraculous- the creator of earth’s finest of discoveries, the author of the best of masterpieces, the architect of the mightiest of skyscrapers… studies on mind and its infinite powers are an important component of new-age knowledge and we have come a long way from the physical understanding of things which alone defined our wisdom. Studies show that human mind, especially its subconscious level, has one of immense potentials which one can make use of if he is trained for that.
Every thought in your mind shapes your future continuously. Developing the mind power involves developing and focusing your mental capabilities by training your mind. It is an effort to tap the potentials of the subconscious mind- the level that holds 90% of one’s whole mental capabilities. When you master your subconscious mind, you can direct your thoughts using it as a tool for creating desirable outcomes in every area of your life.
Lifeline brings you a comprehensive training package to tap the potentials of your subconscious mind completely, so that it benefits your financial and personal lives greatly:
  1. Mind Mastery Excel: 2-day intensive residential programme
  2. Advance Mind Mastery: 12-day programme; 1 class each in 12 months
The 2-day intensive workshop Mind Mastery is your first step stone to understand the miracle called mind and train it in such a way that you make everything in life possible. It is a powerful package which combines the most advanced of scientific learning and the ancient spiritual wisdom. With soul-nourishing spiritual content, the programme aims to eliminate all negativities from your mind to mould you as a successful personality.
Mind is like a farmland. As you sow, so you shall reap. To bring out good results, one should purify the mind and plant the seeds of goodness. Controlling your mind and thoughts and diverting it to the larger good of your life is an important component of mind power training. It also involves reprogramming your mind for success, by eliminating all negativities.  
What makes Mind Mastery unique is that apart from the spiritual awakening, it brings about positive changes to one’s material existence. In other words, spiritual well-being and material well-being are complementary and fulfilling each other. The workshop helps you to identify those negative elements within you that constantly pull you down; to learn practical methods to eliminate them and instil positivism instead. The programme will also help you to set goals, design your career, improve your health and create better relationships.
The programme will help you improve your wealth, health and relationships because mind power can insightfully be employed in all these factors. It also helps to nourish your soul and enhance happiness and joy.
  • Helps to improve wealth
  • Benefits your health
  • Achieve an entirely new of living
  • Inculcate new beliefs, values and habits
  • Enjoy a simple, de-cluttered life
  • Attain new levels of consciousness
  • Undergo complete reprogramming of thought patterns geared towards success
  • Have a new life blue print
  • Be in total control of your life
  • Helps identifying and removing obstacles from your life
  • Helps overcome phobias and fears
  • Eliminates negative thoughts, releases negative emotions
  • Relieves psychosomatic diseases
  • Helps overcome rejections and failures
  • Eliminates stress
  • Heals relationships
  • Delays aging process
  • Boosts immune system
  • Re-programming of the subconscious
  • Develops personal magnetism and positive thinking
  • Goal setting and achieving the goals through mind leveraging
  • Enhances happiness
  • Mind reading of others
  • Focused attention and greater success
  • Attains soul wisdom
  • Creates your own financial world
  • Helps to achieve peak performance
You can programme your mind for:
  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationships
  • Goal achievement
  • Peak performance
  • Soul nourishment
  • Stress elimination
However, like every life skill, the training that we give ourselves should also be sharpened and made the best use of. That explains why Lifeline brings Advance Mind Mastery programme, an intensive training programme that would help you develop your mental capabilities further and have a better and deeper understanding of your mind and soul. Unless we dedicate ourselves for better learning and updating, there is a risk of forgetting what we were training for and slowly retracting to our older selves. Of course, we wanted to change, remember? Labour’s lost and chances are lost. Training makes everything perfect.  
The literal meaning of mastery is the superior knowledge. Here, we are trained to master our mind and bring it into our control so that we can drive it the way we want, like an expert driver does with his vehicle. We’ll be exploring every possibility of our minds.
Every level of Advanced Mind Mastery will be an in-depth study, analysis and discussion of one of the 12 different life-changing mind skills. Its interactive sessions are embedded with solutions and are loaded with sure shot remedial healing for multiple issues. Anybody, who has attended 2-day Mind Mastery Excel or any fresher’s who will attend mind mastery excel within 3 months  can enrol in this programme. The regular priming will help you hone your life skills and make your small changes bigger as you go through different workshops. The experience will help you make the final leap to your total transformation. The renovations that you bring to your belief system, attitudes and values are similar to uninstalling unwanted programmes from your mind to instil new, useful, positive ones.
The course includes:
  • Strategies to transform your life
  • How to transform your beliefs and values
  • 9 ways to debug your mind
  • Habit and attitude transformation methods
  • 15 powerful beliefs that will push you towards success
  • Kaizen to de-clutter your life in 5 easy-to-follow steps
  • How to reset your core values
  • Create a new blueprint for your life
  • Models of the future
  • How to make a genius out of an ordinary person
  • Psycho-cybernetics and how to change your self-image
  • How to map your level of consciousness
  • Creative problem solving and personal time management
  • Learn why some goals manifest while others fail to materialise
  • Create positive neural pathways
  • Achieve high levels of emotional intelligence
  • Learn how external programs affect you
  • Remove unwanted programmes from your subconscious mind and build positive programs inside you
  • Discover the ways in which the subconscious mind communicates to you
  • Keep your brain active always
  • Steps of  scientific prayer
  • Remove pollution and contaminations from your mind
  • Heal relationships by developing lifelong commitment
  • Increase compassion, acceptance and forgiveness
  • Understand your subconscious connection with other people
  • Excellent human relations at home and the work place
  • Learn how to cultivate a sense of respect, reliability responsibility in your children and
  • Strengthen the connection between money and spirituality
  • Improve overall health and reduce visits to doctors
  • Understand the mind/body connection in disease
  • Faster healing and wellness enhancement
  • Learn the 5 pillars of health                                                                                                                     

The Billionaire Mindset

06 JUL


Thursday | 09:00AM


The mind is everything. What you think, you become. -Buddha

In fact your limiting beliefs  about money and financial success prevent you from achieving your wealth aspirations.
Distracting emotions and thoughts create major challenges for you to have more money.   Once you are able to train your Subconscious Mind to overcome your limiting beliefs and psychological blocks about money, you will be able to take the necessary action to attract financial wealth and be financially free. In today’s economic climate, this is something everyone wants.
  • Presenting the signature series program by Dr P.P.Vijayan.
  • If you want to be a successful businessman, learn how to  identify the  unique opportunities to increase your wealth strategies for sustaining maximum wealth.
  • Multi-billionaires have reached where they are in life by unlocking the power of their minds and changing their mindsets. 
  • The Billionaire Mindset training program offers you 4 content-rich days to discover your inner potential to create unprecedented wealth and achieve extraordinary success in life.
  •  It’s a powerful mindset-transforming workshop aiming enterprising individuals who have a passion and dream to go for higher life-goals of wealth creation, business-empire building and to emulate the powerful lifestyles of the successful people in the world.
  • Secrets of the Global business success are revealed to you in the Billionaire Mindset.

Course content:
  • The psychology of wealth creation.
  • Money and Spirituality
  • Ways to become wealthy and manage money wisely
  • The secret keys to generating affluence and abundance
  • How to cultivate a wealth creation mindset.
  • 101 proven ways to become richer
  • How to apply positive values in business
  • To recognize 30 bad money habits and know how to uninstall them from your mind
  • 11 keys to leveraging wealth creation
  • Negative money thoughts which make people poor and learning how to avoid them
  • How to create passive income
  • How to create multiple income stress  
  • How to ask for help
  • Grow model
  • Business startup for 100 cr
  • A few model business ideas
  • Business success secret
  • Power of belief in wealth creation
  • Billionaire Strategies
  • Speedy wealth creation
  • Financial intelligence
  • And much more.....

Course benefits
  • Create  the mind of a billionaire
  • Reprogram your mind for huge wealth and Success
  • Develop a foundation for creating profitable new ventures with like-minded people.
  • Enjoy a life of total abundance
  • Create a change in your financial mindset
  • Acquire the right attitude towards money
  • Generate affluence and abundance
  • Cultivate a wealth-creation mindset
  • Become richer
  • Apply positive values in life
  • Uninstall bad money habits from your mind
  • Save money effectively
  • Leverage wealth creation
  • Avoid negative money thoughts
  • Create passive income and multiple income streams  

(Note: This a financial education workshop and not a get-rich-quick scheme)​​

Soul Mastery

Heal your life completely and experience beyond words

4 Day Intensive program to bring miraculous changes in your future 
by reprogramming your mind


Soul Mastery
A spiritual journey into the universal human experience

Does the word ‘soul’ sound strange to you? Does it ring to your ears as something unattainable, out-of-the world concept? Not anymore. Your soul is never a mystery; instead, you can perceive it as the golden thread that connects you to the larger universal power. It’s a drop of universe within you;  the divinity in all its essence.

You can’t touch, see or listen to your soul. But its omnipotent power embraces you. The soul makes everything possible. From time immemorial, there were philosophically-inclined people who toiled to understand ‘soul’ and the concept had even caught the fancy of scientists as they tried to explain its power, which was hardly explained by any of the logical disciplines the human race has developed till date.

Lifeline, through its decade-long meticulous research, has brought the whole knowledge on mastering one’s soul to its capsule programme ‘The Soul Mastery’. It explains some of the most decisive questions such as:

  •         What is soul ?
  •         Where to find it ?
  •         How to understand it ?

Mastering your soul is not only for your spiritual advancement; many negative emotional qualities can have a direct link to your soul and by understanding your soul; you can discard your emotional baggage that may contain untold fears, sufferings and dreams unfulfilled.

This programme is religiously neutral; it merges into itself the relevant portions from all religions and enjoin them with science.

However, make sure that you do the soul exploration only under your guide.  A single wrong step may end up in irreversible consequences.

Soul Mastery is a 4-day intensive residential training programme that consists of:

  •         Meditations
  •         Exercises
  •        Interactions


  •  Your inner-self is your real self. By being able to identify and acknowledge it, you will be able to understand yourself better and tune in your life according to your soul, elevated after attending this session.

  •  This programme is religious neutral. Elements from all religions are imbibed to form a spiritually purifying experience.

  •  Couples may attend this programme together to align their souls and become ideal soul-mates

  • You can find spiritual solutions to every problem

  • You can heal your body mind and soul

  • Discovering  soul purpose

  • Soul alignment with your partner

  • Identification of  your problems and its cause

  • Enable soul to soul communications

  • Disclosing the secrets of universal  truth and divinity

  • Break the misconceptions of spiritual life

  • You can widen the level of your consciousness

  • You will get techniques for healing your chakras

  • Discovering who you are and what you believe

  • You will get support from everywhere

  • Rediscover your inner child and fulfil his need

  • You can maintain your chakras healthy

  • Great understanding about world religious wisdom


Success Coaching And Counselling

19 JUL

Success Coaching and Counselling

Wednesday | 09:00AM



Human beings have the great bliss of being humane- to extend one’s hand to the needy, to help fellow-being out of their blues and do their bit for the mankind. Success coaches are experts who do this professionally, for the professional and personal success of others.  

This Success Coach Certified Trainer Program delivers the most comprehensive success secrets and principles of great leaders and trains you in the art of excellence. The program’s focus is on helping you realize your true potential through various tools and skill sets.  Participants will be empowered to train in these areas of excellence:

  • Power laws of success
  • Presentation skills
  • Leadership
  • Effective communication
  • How to command masses
  • Focus and Goal orientation
  • Effect of thinking big
  • Inspiration and motivation
  • Team dynamics
  • Marketing strategies of a successful coach
  • Coaching successfully
  • Problem solving
The programme will also equip you with the confidence and competence to deal with a variety of clients- from businessmen to students- and to lead them through individualised yet established methods of success coaching. The comprehensive training is designed in such a way that you can learn and apply business development skills and professional marketing expertise.
Objective of the programme:
  • Delivers effective, proven methods so that coaches achieve superior results with their clients
  • Provides tools to successfully coach individuals, companies, businesses and NGOs dynamically
  • Leverages your expertise, exposure and income
  • Leverages your circle of influence and lifestyle
Course benefits:
  • You can start practicing as a success coach and start your own counselling centre
  • Entrepreneurs can extend success coaching, counselling and mentoring to their team members.
  • You can gain confidence in your ability and mastermind with members of your support team. You can enjoy the professional credential as a Success Coach.
  • Create a bigger impact on people’s lives
  • Learn strategies to leverage business, time and increase revenues, profits.
  • Create lucrative business opportunities.
Who can attend?
  • Counsellors, aspiring counsellors
  • Entrepreneurs/NGO promoters
  • Social workers
  • Trainers/ aspiring trainers
  • Training co-ordinators
  • Medical professionals
  • HR Managers
  • Team leaders
  • Business persons
  • Lawyers
  • Teachers
  • IT professionals
  • Placement officers of Educational institutions
  • Counsellors of Educational Institutions

Mind Mastery Trainers’ Training Programme

03 JUL

Trainers training program

Monday | 09:00AM



A well-paying profession which suits your aptitude even as extending a helping hand to many can be your dream job, a job that’s truly fulfilling. Lifeline conducts Mind Mastery Trainers’ Training Programme every year to produce a group of fresh, energetic trainers who can reshape many lives. There is hardly any hurdle before you to be a good trainer if you have aptitude. It is a noble profession that helps the world to move forward. You will be a guide and mentor for many and can help them to tide over their crises. You can become an excellent trainer if you are willing to learn things deeply and to find new areas of interest. You have to keep your eyes and minds open and to be compassionate, considerate and logical. Our syllabus and course content are  international and you can work anywhere in the world after completing the training with us.
The training uses state-of-the art learning techniques. Multisensory accelerated learning technologies are used for the most possible efficacy of the programme. There are no long lectures but interactive and vibrant workshops.
What you’ll learn from this intensive training with Dr. P P Vijayan:
  • 10 methods of Mind Reprogramming for success in every aspect of life.
  • Art of leading guided visualizations and meditation
  • Using guided meditations to bring participants more deeply in touch with their life             purpose
  • Facilitate a highly interactive, activity-based workshops
  • Presentation and high impact Public Speaking skills
  • 9 channels Marketing Methods for training
  • How to create and facilitate powerful partnerships and mastermind groups
  • And many more
Once completing the course, you can confidently start your own training business. You will be successful in every aspect of your life. You will be trained from the elementary lessons to the minutest details- how to approach potential subjects, how to evaluate their problems, what methods are to be used and how to be a successful mentor and guide. You will feel motivated and self-assured. You can start training from the very next day of the programme. Your earning can be better than a college professor.
However, we know that it is not just motivation that helps you start a business on your own. On the technical side, here is what we offer:
  • International Quality Content of Universal application
  • Trainer certification
  • Elaborate trainers’ kit
  • International Trainers’ Resources (around 1200 GB)
  • Trainer manual
  • Ready to use modules, presentations and PPTs
  • Videos that facilitate the training
  • Books
  • Fire walking, Glass walking, Fire eating, Mind reading, Prophecy and 7 other ESP methods
  • Specialized Training Module on Training Marketing, and many more...
And, you will also be interested to know how Mind Power is going to benefit you personally apart from its immense business prospects. It will bring a positive change to your health, wealth, family relations and overall success. Let us sum up some of them:
  • Re-programming of the subconscious mind
  • Goal setting and achieving the goals through mind leveraging
  • Focused attention and greater success
  • Achieve peak performance
  • Create your own financial world
  • Relieves psychosomatic disorders
  • Enhances faster healing and wellness
  • Delays aging process
  • Heals relationships
  • Eliminate stress and distress
  • Boosts immune system
  • Eliminates negative thoughts and emotions
  • Develop personal magnetism and positive thinking
  • Enhance happiness, attain the perfect joy of sublimity
  • Mind reading of others
  • Attain soul wisdom
As mentioned above, personal transformation training is a fast-growing area. Since there will be immense opportunities for you to conduct workshops for corporate firms and other large enterprises, and you can easily charge thousands of dollar per training session. We will share many such success stories in the sessions. Our very special holistic package of ours makes it easy for you to grab the opportunities and pursue your career with ease. That is our promise. You will also have an opportunity to work as Lifeline associate trainers, if you would like to. Depending on your capability, we can assign you training jobs anywhere in the world.

NLP Sales Mastery

08 JUN

Nlp sales mastery

Thursday | 09:00AM


Double Your Sales, Increase Your Customers And Grow Your Business

NLP Sales Mastery

A career in sales is a brilliant job prospective in a highly globalized and consumerist world. It is the most determining step of a whole business chain because if sales fail to deliver, the business will turn to dust. Despite its significance, sales are not trained scientifically. When you fail to deliver as a salesperson or the salespersons of your enterprise don’t meet targets, it may not be necessarily because of the personal shortcomings. It’s the proper scientific training that is missing in action.

Let us put this simple: It’s a known fact that consumers differ from each other and we need to employ different tactics to different individuals. The NLP sales mastery makes this easier by classifying customers into seven based on their traits and enabling you to understand them, approach them in the right way, and sell successfully. The workshop will update you with the latest of sales strategies, so that you needn’t depend on outdated techniques to negotiate with new-age customers. NLP Sales Mastery is a tailor-made programme for salespersons which would help them DOUBLE THEIR SALES, INCREASE THE NUMBER OF CUSTOMERS and GROW BUSINESS.

This unique workshop combines hypnotic sales, NLP sales and conventional sales strategies to make you an efficient and successful salesperson with an INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION. The workshop integrates Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) technique that explores the relation between thought, communication, behaviour and expressions. Since sales involves such spontaneous emotional and intellectual responses, making use of NLP helps to put them in order and bring them to the best use of sellers. It also trains in 101 prospective methods, over 32 referral methods and presentation skills.

Hypnotic sales:

This is a communication method with the client, where one uses hypnotic language to bring down resistance from the client to ease the route to purchase. It is planting our product in their subconscious mind so that they would feel an urge to own the product.  

Sales Mastery NLP is an orientation workshop that helps you to utilize your mental powers for sales and meanwhile, includes numerous practical lessons as well as training. This is designed by Dr. P.P. Vijayan in such a way that one can consistently meet and improve one’s sales target, thus bringing in the most coveted success in his life. 

Key Benefits:

  • Achieve your sales goals consistently

  • Excel in Competition

  • Learn the proven 7 step sales process

  • Improve confidence and self-esteem

  • Boost your communication and presentation skills

  • Sell more in an energized, peak state

  • Learn transactional selling to relationship selling

  • Understand the psychology of sales

  • Generate more leads from cold calls

  • Achieve peak potential performance

  • 101 prospecting methods

  • 101 power closing methods

  • Hypnotic selling

  • Specific techniques to create sales

  • 32 new referral methods

  • 24 ways to win customers and double the sales

  • Exceeding sales targets

  • Specific formula for success

What you will also learn:

  • How to use internet and social media in sales.

  • How to tele-market effectively.

  • How to create instant rapport and build trust.

  • How to master the art of persuasion.

  • How to handle dominant reasons that clients use to avoid buying.

  • How to strengthen the emotional reasons to buy.                                                                            NLP Sales Mastery _ 2016

Global scholar workshop


As the world turns competitive every passing day, the pressure on children is also mounting which often leads to emotional or academic breakdowns. Though our kids are often instructed on what to learn, they hardly get an idea on how to learn. Dr. Jiji Vijayan, renowned counsellor, has designed her Global Scholar Workshop by considering all the mental strains and performance anxieties that the children go through.
Global Scholar Workshop is not just a memory tapping training programme. It brings together world-class learning methods, state-of-the-art learning techniques and the best from Lifeline’s vast and laborious research on the power of the subconscious.
It means that the programme is not a plastic surgery that makes temporary changes but the comprehensive transformation method that explores and activates the hidden talents of your children, thus equipping them with awareness on how to tap this potential for extraordinary achievements. Apart from excellent academic performance, this helps them throughout their life to remain successful and powerful.

Participants will achieve                                           
  •          Better concentration
  • ​         Super learning methods
  •          Time management
  •          Exam techniques
  •          Memory techniques
  •          Brain power enhancement method
  •          Goal setting based on talents and passion
  •          Smart study habits
  •          Visualization, affirmation
  •          Speed reading and photo reading
  •          Meditation methods
  •          Intensified listening
  •          Interpersonal skills
  •          School and College level scholarship opportunities
  •          Career guidance
  •          Blue print for success
  •          Personality development
  •          Success secrets
  •          Planning through vision board
  •          Multiple intelligence
  •          Better sleep

The course helps your children to break out from their restricting habits and opens new memory-enhancing avenues, stress-release methodologies, imparts self-confidence and controls exam anxiety. It is an inner transformation that takes place to shorten your learning curve - which makes a big difference to your quality of life.

Smart Parenting


Are you a good parent? Of course, you are tempted to say. We are sure you’ll be one of those passionate, dedicated parents who want the best for your child and who want to see your kid in the highest of possible levels.
Let us add to this: Good parenting is parenting that fosters psychological adjustment – elements like honesty, empathy, self reliance, kindness, co-operation, self control and cheerfulness. Parenting is not simple as you are nurturing a generation that has to take this world forward and make it a better place to live.
It won’t be easy for you to become a scientist, a collector, a president or any such individual with high esteem. But it’s not impossible to parent a scientist or a collector. You can influence the subconscious mind of your kid qualitatively, expose them to images of a goal repetitively and support them where they would like to.
Moreover, who will not love a child who is honest, caring, disciplined, kind and cheerful? Smart Parent is a smart programme that helps you parent your child so that he sees to his/ her complete and comprehensive development. This programme will help you to find answers to the toughest of questions your child may ask- about sex or similar topics- and it will give you simple and practical solutions for your everyday doubts and crises of parenting.
Let us make the best use of their early days, where the blueprint of their success is being formed.
 Smart Parenting will focus on the following:
  •          Effective Parenting
  •          Parenting styles that leads to problems
  •          Child-Parent relationship
  •          Parenting and Opportunity to grow
  •          7 spiritual laws of success for parents
  •          Sensible parenting
  •          Difference between the ‘good parent’and the ‘responsible parent’.
  •          Strokes
  •          Develop skills to pay attention to your children and what interests them.
  •          Share effective ways of dealing with their children
  •          Build confidence for being a good parent
  •          Develop and consolidate skills in listening to children
  •          Disciplining them and how to stop them from fighting
  •          Understand and manage challenging behaviours
  •          Communicate positively with the child
  •          Discover that parenting can be enjoyable
  •          Awaken the potentials of your children
  •          Learn different kinds of Parenting and adopting the best parenting style
  •          Reinvent the possibilities of parenting
  •          How to lead your children from where they are now to where you want them             to be
  •          Learn how to maintain intimacy with children

Platinum Partnership Program


Platinum Mentoring supports and encourages people to manage their own learning in order to maximize their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance and become the person they want to be.
Mentoring is a partnership between two people (mentor and mentee). It is a helpful relationship based upon mutual trust and respect. A mentor is a guide who can help the mentee to find the right direction and who can help them to develop solutions to issues. Mentors rely upon having similar experiences to gain an empathy with the mentee and an understanding of their issues. Mentoring provides the mentee with an opportunity to think about many options and progress for success.
In platinum partnership, a 2-year business/ personal mentoring relation is established with Dr. P.P. Vijayan.  His mentoring will cover your mental, physical and financial well-being, by assisting your endeavours with his expert opinions.
  • A psychological and physical support gives in Business, Family, Health and Wealth.
  • Focuses on interpersonal skills, which cannot be readily or effectively transferred in a traditional training environment.
  • Uses highly effective methods with the means of supporting training initiatives to ensure that the key skills are transferred.
  • Creatively applies tools and techniques which may include one-to-one training, facilitating, counselling & networking.
  • Evaluates the outcomes of the process, using objective measures wherever possible to ensure that the relationship is successful and the client is achieving their personal goals.
  • Manages the relationship to ensure that the client receives the appropriate level of service and that programmes which are neither too short, nor too long.
  • Develop the art of self talk and boost self confidence
  • Implant greater awareness of your inner strength and transform it to real action
  • Develop a self alert mechanism and keep a ‘Profession and Family ‘ balance.
 Key Benefits
  • Helps to closely monitor and maintain family relations
  • Keep you in an enlightened spiritual status  by addressing your psychological requirements and fine tuning it.
  • Ensures physical fitness
  • You can attend all the below given programs in 2 years time
  • Billionaire Mindset Levels 1-10
  • Mind Mastery 2 day program
  • Advanced Mind Mastery Levels 1-12
  • NLP Sales Mastery
  • Soul Mastery
  • Success Coaching and Counseling
  • Business consultancy levels 1-10
  • Complimentary pack for 5 persons in Mind Mastery 
  • You can repeat any 5 programs if necessary
  • One  o One  or one to a few mentoring program every three months

Special Benefits

  • Master Trainer's  personal consultancy every 3 months.
  • Master Trainer's personal intervention as and when requested while you take vital decisions in your life.
  • Get connected to trusted and designated experts in different areas like business, finance, law etc. when needed.
  • Confidential Support and Sharing.
  • Counselling support by Dr. Jiji Vijayan; personal counselling and relationship consultancy for the entire family.
Entry to the program by invitation only.  Membership is Limited since Master Trainer's needs to ensure individual attention to all members.

The Ultimate Business Tool

The Ultimate Business Tool

This programme is designed for established business owners. If you are a corporate CEO, senior executive or business owner, Business Leadership Mastery programme is for you. This will save your time and expenses while increasing productivity and profitability.
Not all B-Schools in the world will equip you fully for the hard-core and ruthless realities of the corporate world out there. To lead and manage a Corporation with exemplary style and finesse takes more than ordinary business management qualification and experience. It requires a different mindset programming. When you are at the CEO stand, at the helm of affairs every decision, every statement, every move of yours will be under watch. 

To be an admirable and effective leader you need to be a successful individual first. You need to master the art of self-leadership, personal mastery and choose the most appropriate response and behaviour in any situation. 

Ask us. We will be pleased to help. 

Through in-depth discussions and presentations using multi-sensory learning techniques, this event explores the abundant opportunities for business development, facilitates relationship-building and encourages open dialogue among CEOs from different types of organizations.

The program opens up opportunities to self-examine your current business environment from 3 points – Finance, Leadership and Mind power Strategies. Starting with an explorative self analysis, this program helps participants learn to chart out strategies for business success through the use of improved communication.

This program will help in achieving measurable results, creating a dynamic and energizing culture of continuous improvement, including:
  • Discover and develop your identity as highly empowered leader.
  • Learn how to create lasting change by unified teamwork
  • Strategic business and marketing planning
  • Precision-targeted sales and marketing effectiveness
  • Practice the core skills every leader needs to help themselves and others to create positive and empowering change
  • Goal clarification and achievement
  • Applying technology for maximum productivity
  • Understand leadership styles, discover ways to grow and enhance your own as you bring out the leadership qualities in others
  • Learn how to coach other effectively.
  • Unifies inspired teams through precision planning and total implementation
  • Actualizes personal and professional wealth generation and life balance.

Strategic Management Consultancy Services (SMCS)

Strategic Management Consultancy Services (SMCS)

In these volatile economic conditions and rising customer demands, having a clear strategic vision is more important than ever. Also ,the need for proper systems and processes are extremely crucial for businesses to grow to the next level. Only the businesses that have been able to respond appropriately to the internal and external environment have been able to grow and sustain that growth. It is in this context that the experience and wisdom of internationally renowned mind trainer, corporate mentor and business strategist Dr. P.P Vijayan becomes significant.
Through his management consultancy program, he works better with the corporate management team to develop a 360°vision, re-setting goals, crafting the right strategy to achieve the goals and solidly designed run down to achieve the goal.
He also works closely with the management team to implement and execute the strategy, monitoring development, evaluating performance and making  necessary adjustments.A review will be done in light of actual performance, changing conditions, emerging opportunities and innovative ideas.
Objectives of SMCS
  1. Strategic Business & Marketing Planning.
  2. Precision Targeted Sales and Marketing Effectiveness.
  3. Goal Clarification and Achievement.
  4. Applying Technology for Maximum Productivity.
  5. Unifying Inspired Teams through Precision Planning and Total Implementation.
  6. Responding rapidly to changing market conditions through continuous R&D.
  7. Envisioning new business possibilities and be visionary in the industry.
  8. Conserving the resources and bounce back to growth and profitability.
  9. Achieving sustainable and competitive edge through increase in scale of operations or differentiation.
  10. Discovering and developing your identity as a Highly Empowered Leader and many more.
  1. Expertise in creating ever expanding sales system.
  2. Advising right methodology towards effective customer management.
  3. Gaining expertise through various opportunities such as Wealth Creation, Capital Appreciation and Risk Protection.
  4. Effectively providing a Fresh perspective of an old problem and Equip the team with an entirely new solution.
  5. Identifying Normal, Abnormal, and Pathological problems and assisting companies in overcoming these problems
  6. Connecting to strategic Partners.
  7. Aligning the existing leadership towards sustained growth and enriching their standards for a better future.
  8. Helping organization in identifying different profitable and trending business towards diversification.
  9. Optimizing technology, systems and process
  10. Constant Strategic Innovation and optimizing the ‘X’ factor of the company.
  11. Ensuring peak performance of the company through increasing average transaction value, frequency of purchase and identifying new profit centers.
  12. Motivating and Inspiring Personnel through need-based training program.
  13. Channelizing the goals of the employees towards overall vision of the company.
  14. Ensuring efforts towards minimizing the attrition rate of the company.
  15. Implementing 5S Kaizen system of Japanese Management.
  16. Ensuring Waste Elimination and Expense Reduction.
  1. Get excellent Business Expansion-Ideas and Strategies.
  2. Learn Masterminding for higher growth.
  3. Achieve  Strategic Leadership qualities.
  4. You can understand the benefits of Content Marketing and Digital Marketing .
  5. Know Strategic Collaboration and Partnership.
  6. Reach Peak Potential Performance.
  7. Learn Time Leverage - the most fundamental strategy for success.
  8. Identify Productivity Leverage for progress.
  9. Practice Future Trends in Business Process.
  10. Learn how to understand the Science and Psychology of Achievement.
  11. Learn about Funding at Will - Loans, Joint Venture, Venture Capital &AngelInvestors.
  12. System Creation and much more.