Mind is the super power that creates everything in this world. Thought is the unique mechanism that makes mind working.
Dr. P. P. Vijayan, is an internationally acclaimed Spiritual Scientist, Mind Trainer, Author, Success Coach ,Legal and  Management Consultant.
For more than  two decades, Dr. Vijayan  is instrumental in spreading mind power across the globe.  His desire is to help people transform the quality of their lives. His driving force is assisting others in awakening, discovering, conquering and unleashing the unlimited powers within them, replicating success, based on his continuous research activities in ‘Mind Power.’ Dr. Vijayan has directly impacted the lives of more than a million people through his trainings. A recipient of many prestigious awards, he has been acknowledged as a unique and distinctive authority in the field of Mind Power Training and positive thinking across the globe. Success  has different dimensions; helping millions of people to be successful is a greater dimension of success.
Dr. Vijayan has three Master Degrees in Political Science and International Relations (MA), Law (LLM) and Business Management (MBA). He was awarded Ph.D. by University of Kerala and his published work is an acceptable reference in libraries across the Globe. He is a post-doctoral research fellow and trained in IT management by the Japanese Government.

Dr.Vijayan underwent advanced trainings in various disciplines like Neuro Linguistic Programming, Success Management, Life Mastery, Leadership Mastery, Advanced Soft Skills, Inner Management, Emotional Management, Relationship Mastery, Wealth Mastery, Mind Power and other Spiritual Sciences.  He has mastered all these rare trainings from many world-renowned trainers, spiritual scientists and medical experts.

His training sessions are mainly focused on the entrepreneurs, public servants, professionals, academicians, CEOs, Police Personnel, Judges, Lawyers, Medical Professionals, Social Workers, students and corporate decision makers to accelerate achievement of their personal and professional goals. He has also trained many Success Coaches globally. As a Business strategist Dr. Vijayan has significantly helped to increase the organisational and business development  of over 1500 clients in more than 100 industries all over the world. He has explored and solved almost every type of challenges in these industries.

Dr.Vijayan is a visiting faculty in many premier universities. He is a master trainer for many famous corporates in India and abroad.

He has travelled extensively across the globe for his training activities. Authored numerous articles and best seller books on on topics like Mind Power, Personal Development, Time Management, Personal Excellence, Goal Setting, parenting etc., all of them are best sellers. His CDs and DVDs on Mind Power, Affirmations, Meditation etc. are also well received.
Leading business and motivational periodicals carry his regular columns.  His talk shows appear in the leading TV networks. 
As Thinker-in-Chief of the Lifeline Movement, Dr. Vijayan enjoys the support of dozens of researchers and associate trainers in his team.

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