Donald Trump’s success mantra
19 JAN, 2017

                  Donald Trump’s success mantra Billionaire Donald Trump filled headlines globally as he was elected US president. This real estate giant is worth 4.5 billion dollars according to Forbes list, that is, around 30,687 crore Indian rupees. As a billionaire, Trump’s guru is Robert Kiyosaki, renowned motivational speaker, entrepreneur and author. Trump, in a recent interview, had revealed that advises and guidance of Kiyosaki had benefitted him in a great way. This made me cherish my relation with Mr. Kiyosaki, my most esteemed teacher. I had the opportunity to talk him in person and to discuss various success tips to create the mind of a billionaire. The discussions have helped me to nourish my interest to learn more about wealth. When I went through the success tips of billionaires around the world, one thing was in common: They had dreamed about getting rich when they were too young. If one is accustomed to limited surroundings from his/her childhood, he/she may have limited notions about wealth. Such a mindset should be reprogrammed and replaced with bigger, better pictures of wealth and fortune. The biggest leap towards wealth is to prepare your mind for it, just like a farmer prepares his field for a good yield. Trump was not different and he is not an exception, either. Those who expand their minds can bring about such gigantic benefits. 

  • mathews Says:
    JANUARY 30, 2017 at 06:07PM
    Sir you can transform all of us to Trump, and you will be our Kiyosaki, hurray