Lifeline Mindcare, one of the leading organizations in Mind Research and Training, is the ultimate hub for life-skills education and mind power management.

Our organizational philosophy centres on serving humanity by helping people develop their inherent potential through Mind Power and thought focusing techniques that stimulate transformation in people.
Throughout this planet the current discussions that focus on health hover between the body and mind. Generally speaking the West, being more materialistic in outlook emphasizes the importance of body and in the East though materialistic at times has not forgotten its roots in ancient tradition of spirituality.

Upanishads (part of Vedas) have analysed the working of human mind. A person’s health, aptitude, talent and ultimately his/her achievement and contribution to society depend on wellness of mind. One can have a sound body if the mind is sound. Even the Bible proclaims that the Kingdom of God is within us.

Lifeline Mindcare strives to awaken, discover, conquer and unleash the unlimited powers within us for the empowerment of mind, body and soul. This is achieved by continuous training with a purpose and imparting knowledge through 18 Workshops and 36 books, talent tests, effective counselling, wellness programs, various life-changing Audios and Videos and other social media platforms.

Lifeline Mindcare concentrates in training, mentoring, counselling and supporting people by continuously interacting and communicating with them to refine and rejuvenate them to excellence.

Yes. Lifeline is the Ultimate Hub of Excellence


To help, inspire and empower people and organizations around the world to achieve their highest vision and transform their lives for ultimate success.


To empower people by providing them challenging inspiration, exploring their inherent hidden potential, utilizing the finest resources, and specific learning strategies.

To help people achieve excellence and highest vision by developing themselves and enhancing their knowledge and wisdom.

To improve the quality of life of the people , and transform themselves for achieving ultimate success.

To empower and help organizations around the world to achieve excellence in all the fields of working.

To help individuals in maintaining good relations with their family, spouse, children, colleagues and all the people they interact with

To become the best Global Training Organisation using the latest learning technologies with prime focus on harnessing the unlimited power of mind for achieving personal and professional goals for individuals,communities and organizations


Our team consists of our Master Trainer Dr.P.P.Vijayan, more than 121 Associate Trainers, Researchers, PR Co-ordinators and Associates, who are contributing to achieve our organizational goal.

Large number of Mind trainers mentored and co-ordinated by Dr. Vijayan and Lifeline

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Lifeline Mindcare, one of the leading Organizations in Mind Research and Training in India, is the ultimate hub for life-skills education and mind power management.
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