What can Lifeline Mind Care do for you?

Future belongs to those who believe in their dreams and strive to convert them into reality. Dreaming is sub- conscious planning. To accomplish great things, we must dream great dreams that help us reach our goal. Whenever you dream about success in life, just think of Lifeline, the Ultimate Hub of Excellence. There is a wide gap between what we learn in schools and colleges and what we require for our ultimate success. From formal education, we get only 20% of knowledg...

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  • Thus Lifeline Foundation strives for the empowerment of mind, body, emotions and soul, by imparting training and through publications, production of books magazines, periodicals, audios, videos and other electronic materials connected to mind, thought, mind control, mind care, body, emotions and soul and empowering people through mind power and soft skills.
  • This course will give you the tools you need to feel confident as you raise your children. What you learn in this course may become an indispensable part of your role as a parent.
  • Not all B-Schools in the world will equip you fully for the hard-core and ruthless realities of the corporate world out there. To lead and manage a Corporation with exemplary style and finesse takes more than ordinary business management qualification and experience.
  • Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.